OPS Global Risk Management provide manned guarding solutions to ensure the security of people, products and property. The services we provide are do so in line with BS 7499, the British standard code of practice for manned guarding.

We believe strongly in the development of our staff and take a proactive approach to training and investing in our personnel. In doing this, we employ not only highly trained personnel, but also loyal and motivated team players willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for our clients.

OPS Global Risk Management pride ourselves on ensuring those employees based at our clients’ sites are provided with the best possible instruction and supervision from the management team. This is done by producing comprehensive documentation and ensuring regular site visits from dedicated management staff.


At OPS Global Risk Management we support, train and encourage our people to build and develop a successful career.

Our continued growth and success depends upon the calibre of our personnel. To support our search for motivated and qualified team members our standards are demanding and only candidates of the highest calibre will succeed.