OPS Global Risk Management offer aviation and airport security solutions providing safe, efficient and quality services that meet the operational requirements of airlines and airport operators.

Recent international events have thrust security onto the forefront and what was already a complex issue involving terrorist threats, illegal immigration, awareness around restricted items and forged documents is ever more important. 

Effective security solutions have never been so important and finding innovative ways of countering threats to aviation is even more of a priority. Through a full range of aviation services, OPS Global Risk management have the people and technology to help you to provide a safe and secure environment for your customers. 

We provide the following services to the aviation community: 

  • Passenger screening and passenger assessment 
  • Airport security 
  • Aircraft guarding and patrolling 
  • Visa and documentation verification 
  • Hold baggage screening 
  • Cargo screening and security 
  • Aircraft clean and search 
  • Risk evaluation and development of security programmes 
  • Passenger services such as assisting passengers with reduced mobility


At OPS Global Risk Management we support, train and encourage our people to build and develop a successful career.

Our continued growth and success depends upon the calibre of our personnel. To support our search for motivated and qualified team members our standards are demanding and only candidates of the highest calibre will succeed.