Government installations including, Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions, have always required high levels of security, particularly in areas where terrorist cells and disaffected groups may operate.

This is particularly so for Governments with ongoing military operations or for whom activist groups wish to create change by violent means. Successful attacks or damage to an embassy are often seen as a symbolic act against that country.

Attacks on Embassies have resulted in loss of life such as the American Embassy bombings of Tanzania, Kenya & Yemen, the Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta and the Embassy sieges in the U.K., Sweden and Colombia, as well as violent demonstrations and attacks on Embassies in the Middle East, all of which demonstrate the international danger to Embassy staff and property.

OPS Global Risk Management offer a variety of products and services to enhance the security of Government installations and staff including:

  • CCTV Surveillance both externally and internally of the buildings
  • Access Control & ID systems such as ID Scanners and Biometric Security
  • Entry Control encompassing Turnstiles, Gates, Crash Proof Barriers and Bollards, X-Ray Baggage Scanners and walk through metal detectors to detect weapons and explosives, Intruder Detection systems can also be deployed to detect unauthorised access in secure areas.
  • Personnel can be protected with Staff Protection Systems including Staff Attack alarms, armoured vehicles, and Ballistic & Blast-Proof Doors 
  • Development of emergency procedures to allow staff to be safely removed from the area of danger
  • Tracking Systems for personnel and assets so that in the event of their being taken hostage or attacked security staff can be alerted to their whereabouts immediately. 
  • Fire Prevention, Detection and Suppression systems. 


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